Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pin-Up Girl

To kick off this blog I thought I'd introduce my pincushion. 

I rather adore the Russian nesting doll-look (even if the neck did turn out a bit too long and the face too wide). I'm not one for anthropomorphism by and large, so this little thing doesn't have a name, although I can appreciate that maybe it would deserve one. It was hand-stitched one weekend a while back out of a friend's stash of bits and pieces (it took forever) using a softie pattern she'd improvised, and it's been put to good use by the side of the sewing machine ever since. If I were to make a habit of making pincushion people, I think the next one would have to be a little bit more Lisbeth Salander-ish, given the obvious occupational hazard of frequent piercing and self-harm...

The pincushion is somewhat deprived of pins at the moment, as I'm working on my first ever quilt (!)...

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