Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Numberwang!

Here's a softie I made a while back for the wee little one from the 'cosmonaut devil' pattern in this book.


The fabric is (I think) Kokka, and it made its way into a couple of bits and pieces round the place, on account of being so awesome. The softie is named Numberwang, after this.

Also, I finished the first draft of my thesis yesterday and sent it off to supervisors to read, so today I have given myself a study break. I've been working on quilted pillow cases for the living room from some of the fabric I bought at the Quilt Fair. The original plan was to just make small ones, but once I discovered that my husband couldn't stand the nasty green cushions in our lounge any more than I could the plan suddenly morphed into making those few scraps of fabric cover two enormous cushions, about 80cm x 100cm each. I've made the fronts for them now, and need to scavenge some more fabric for the backs. It may not be the neatest job in the world, but I think they'll look ok.

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