Friday, May 20, 2011

White Stripes Knitting

This is my most recent knitting project. It is lovely. 

It's also too big to photograph properly. It's a Sublime Cashmerino blanket, about 1m x 1.7m, 7mm needles, 150 stitches per row, with 30-row stripes of blue, brown and white. Or teal, chocolate and cream, if you prefer.  The white sections have matching blue and brown beads knitted into it at 20-stitch intervals. Given all the pre-threading and counting involved those white sections took ages to finish, but I'm glad I persevered. The yarn was lovely to knit and worked nicely with my new bamboo circulars.

This was actually originally supposed to be a vest, but once I bought the yarn I realised I already had a knitted teal top, so decided to make a wrap-around skirt instead. Once I finished knitting I had to concede it was too bulky for that purpose, so it became the awesomest blanket in the world, just in time for winter.

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